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COVID Resources

It can be difficult to have conversations about COVID.

You may struggle to remember specific facts or details on the spot.

Maybe the people you're talking to don't believe what you're saying, or just aren't aware of the real problems COVID can cause.

You might feel overwhelmed trying to read the original studies, or have difficulty interpreting the findings. 

You can click on the links in the PDFs or scan the QR codes to access the original sources in each resource.​

You can find UK versions here. 


Other resources:

If you're looking for more support navigating the pandemic

Below are some more printable resources I've created for the COVID conscious community.

An image of a cartoon woman with a blue shirt and mask looking down at her phone. She is surrounded by different colored text bubbles. The middle bubble reads "boundary setting for COVID conscious folks." The surrounding bubbles read, "I'll be wearing a mask, I'd really appreciate it if you would too" "I'll be keeping my mask on" "I'd love to get together, let's find somewhere we can meet outside" "I ask that anyone who enters my home please wear a mask" "I'm only attending events with COVID precautions in place"
A purple background with an image of a woman in a purple shirt wearing a mask, surrounded by clouds of text. At the top in between two purple flowers it reads; "Affirmations for the COVID conscious community" other affirmations read, 'my voice matters, it's okay to feel angry, scared or overwhelmed, I'm doing my best under difficult circumstances, I'm part of creating a better future, I can be present in the moment, I am protecting my family and my community, I get to set my own boundaries"
An image with a light green background, two cartoon school kids wearing masks, surrounded by white bubbles with black text. Text reads: affirmations for Covid conscious kids! I am not alone, I’m proud of who I am, it’s okay to stand out or look different, I can do hard things, I am brave and strong, I am a health hero!, it’s okay to be sad or scared sometimes, my family loves and cares for me, I am not alone.
A pink background featuring white clouds of text surrounding a man in the middle wearing a pink shirt and mask with a prosthetic leg sitting on a stool. The text reads: Affirmations for the COVID conscious community, my health is worth protecting, it's okay to have hard days, I can take it one moment at a time, I am worthy of love and support, my life is valuable no matter what, I am confident in my choices, a better world is possible.
An image with a light blue background featuring white bubbles of text surrounding two people in the center. One is wearing a head covering and a mask and the other is standing with his arms folded also wearing a mask. The text reads "Affirmations for the COVID conscious community, work edition" "I am worthy of rest and support" "I can mask and still be professional" "My value isn't determined by my productivity" "my contributions matter" "I can define what it means to be successful" "I deserve to be treated with respect" "It's okay to struggle" "Protecting my health protects my livelihood"
A green background with an orange mug in the middle featuring a brown haired woman with a dark green shirt wearing a mask. The title reads "fill your cup COVID conscious edition". Surrounding the mug are squiggly arrows with text reading "practice affirmations, find moments of gratitude, focus on things you can control, connect with likeminded people, make time for relaxing hobbies, take breaks from the news, engage in activism"
Tips for talking about COVID.png

Why I Take COVID Precautions

I created this guide to be an easy and concise way to share with others why you continue to protect yourself from COVID, with reputable scientific sources. 

Covid conscious, covid safety, covid conscious therapist, Olivia Belknap Therapy, Long covid

Why Your Patient is COVID Cautious

I created this guide with medical professionals in mind. You can print this out and take it to your healthcare appointment to help facilitate conversations about COVID safety with medical providers. 

covid cautious, covid safety, long covid, Olivia Belknap therapy, covid conscious therapist

Long COVID Info Sheet

This is a non exhaustive list of what we know about Long COVID, and how it might manifest in different body systems. 

Olivia Belknap Therapy, long covid, covid conscious therapist, covid safety

COVID Safety Isn't an Anxiety Disorder

I wanted to directly counter the harmful messaging of "COVID anxiety" being pushed by mainstream media. This info sheet outlines why it is perfectly reasonable to have fears about COVID. 

Covid Safety isn't an Anxiety Disorder, COVID safety, Olivia Belknap, COVID conscious therapist
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